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Service & Maintenance

When your equipment is faulty or in need of maintenance or repair, it is not as efficient as it should be. This is potentially losing you money or worse, it’s a safety hazard. Electrical Table Solutions repairs and maintains all models of electric and portable treatment tables and our focus is getting longeivity out of your product.

We can do one off repairs and services but just like you tell your clients and patients, prevention is better than cure so we recommend an annual service.

A full annual service includes:

  1. Inspection and test of electrical components – To make sure cable and frame are insulated and wired correctly. An electrical tag will be applied if it passes the tests to the power cable if there is not one currently present.
  2. Test table operation to its full range of positions – This makes sure all limit switches are correctly working and there are no faults with the table in its full range of positions.
  3. Tighten all pivot, frame and motor bolts – To prevent pivot bolts from snapping, wear and tear on frame, brackets and fixings.
  4. Tighten all frame and table screws – To prevent wear and tear on frame, brackets and fixings.
  5. Inspect all welds and brackets – To check for metal fatigue. If metal fatigue is present and not detected, the table may collapse without warning.
  6. Test all lockable castor wheels if present – To make sure treatment table is secure for patients to get on and off.

This type of annual service on your electric treatment tables keeps practices in line with accreditation and insurances. The service is performed by our trained technicians and if tables are still in the warranty period, the repairs will be done under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Electrical Table Solutions also provide quality Australian made treatment tables and a wide variety of other products.

If you would like to have an annual service completed on your electric treatment tables or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To contact Electrical Table Solutions staff please call our free number 1800 677 896 or contact us and we can discuss a solution for your requirements.