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Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment Tables

Should you choose a portable or an electric treatment table?

Portable treatment tables are great for practitioners treating at different locations were the practitioner travels to the client or patient. Electrical treatment tables are the best choice if treatment room is permanent. An electric treatment tables will prolong the life of the practitioner due to the ergonomics and creates easy access for patients or clients to move off and on the treatment tables by varying the height.

What qualities should you look for in a treatment table?

The workmanship of the treatment table, how structurally sound it is in regards to maximum working load, is it well balanced were the table will not tip over if you sit or work on the end or side of the table. The motor that drives the electric treatment table, is it a quality name which has been a proven performer. What components make up the table, are the screws counter sunk in the table top, is the frame pivoted by bolts or bearings. The service provided for assistance if a problem ever occurs on your table. These are questions that should be asked to know you are receiving a quality product.

How can I tell how well engineered a table is?

Thickness of the steel used, the quality of the welds, the ease of use of all movable items, are sealed bearings used instead of nut and bolts in the frame design and how the top is finished and attached to the base.

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