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SC Examination Table

The electric lift SC Examination Table makes switching to an electric height adjustable table more affordable than ever before.

Offering a generous lifting capacity of 250kg with a manual lift up backrest enabling a comfortable seated or semi-reclined position.

To contact Electrical Table Solutions staff please call our free number 1800 677 896 or contact us and we can discuss a solution for your requirements.

Download Brochure – SC Examination Table


  • 250kg Maximum Lifting Capacity (moving)
  • 400kg Maximum Working Load (stationary)
  • 540mm Minimum Height
  • 860mm Maximum Height
  • 710mm Table Width
  • 1930mm Table Length
  • Manual backrest adjustment +70º
  • Footswitch Control


  • Electric Height adjustment with footswitch
  • X-Frame lift action minimizes pinch and crush points
  • Table can be moved similar to moving a wheelbarrow
  • Durable powder coated rust resistant frame
  • High quality anti-microbial vinyl & CFC free foam
  • Australian designed & manufactured
  • 5 year warranty


  • Vinyl Color
  • Comfort Foam
  • Nose Hole
  • Nose Hole Plug
  • Procedure Arm Rest
  • Paper Towel Roll Holder
  • Gynae Leg Supports
  • Extended Warranty

Made in Australia