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Massage And Beauty Therapy

  • Natural and alternative therapy promotes the healing, relaxation and well being of the body through calming and gentle manipulation.

    With our range of electrical and portable treatment tables you can be confident with your product knowing that it will not impact your relaxing environment. Think of your investment in one of our products as a silent partner that is a crucial ingredient in the success of your practice.

    A good treatment table is one that you don’t notice during a treatment.In the highly competitive beauty and spa therapy industry the thing that will make you stand out from your competitors is quality service, personnel and equipment.

    Electrical Table Solutions can handle the quality equipment side of things by setting you up with premium electric or portable treatment tables and accessories. We can also maintain and repair the equipment so you can have peace of mind that your equipment is reliable, efficient and suits the task required perfectly.Put your faith in a quality electric treatment table from Electrical Table Solutions and rest assured that with our first rate after sales support you will have absolute confidence in your product.

    To contact Electrical Table Solutions staff please call our free number 1800 677 896 or contact us and we can discuss a solution for your requirements.