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Chiropractic and Osteopathic

  • Osteo and Apollo tables

    Our range of Australian made Osteo and Apollo electric treatment tables are made to the highest standards. Due to their high strength and quality components Electrical Table Solutions range of Osteo and Apollo electric treatment tables will be your clinic’s best performing machine for many years. With local support and service Electrical Table Solutions range of Australian Made electric treatment tables is a must for your clinic.

    Leander Chiropractic Tables (Electrical Table Solutions Pty Ltd Australian Agent)

    Leander tables are made in the USA and create an excellent patient experience. Leander tables are carefully designed with patients comfort in mind. But unlike many chiropractic tables, Leander Tables are also designed to improve the everyday posture of the chiropractic physician. A Leander Table can help you protect one of your practice’s most important assets: your own back health.

    Most chiropractors can feel stress in their own backs while leaning over a patient to give a thoracic adjustment, lumbar adjustment, or anterior thoracic adjustment. If not performed properly, these repeated movements can eventually create back problems for the chiropractor and may even shorten a Chiropractor’s career.

    Ideally, to gain leverage comfortably and effectively complete the desired spinal adjustment, chiropractors should position themselves as close as possible to the patient. Thus, a chiropractic table should be designed to allow the doctor to easily position their feet under the table.

    Table height is also a major factor in maintaining proper physician posture. A table of the incorrect height can make it difficult for the Chiropractor to position their body in a way that is effective and posture-safe. Leander Tables have a variable height option, which allows heights from 45.5cm to 73.5cm to create an ideal fit for the physician.

    Leander Health Technologies currently offers four table models to meet the unique needs of your practice. Leander Tables can be customized, with options for cervical, pelvic, and thoracic drops. You also have your choice of motorised variable or fixed height, vinyl or leather upholstery options, and dozens of popular upholstery colors.

    To contact Electrical Table Solutions staff please call our free number 1800 677 896 or contact us and we can discuss a solution for your requirements.